Some Observations on the Histology and Functions of the Larynx

Professor Lucius Rüedi delivered his Semon Lecture on the 6th of November 1958 at the Royal Society of Medicine. Through this, he outlines the histology of the larynx, common sites of pathologies, and the process of regeneration after injury or illness. He also showed a high speed video countering Georges Portmann’s clonic theory by demonstrating … Continue reading “Some Observations on the Histology and Functions of the Larynx”

The Physiology of Phonation

Professor Georges Portmann delivered his Semon lecture on November 1st 1956 at the Royal Society of Medicine. During his talk, he outlines the physiology of phonation, noting that the ‘tonic’ theory is incomplete and proposes the ‘clonic’ theory. Namely, it is not the stream of air which produces vibration of the vocal cords, but the … Continue reading “The Physiology of Phonation”

Bronchological Pneumonology

Professor Eelco Huizinga delivered his Semon Lecture in 1954. During his lecture, he proposes the use of a new term, bronchological pneumonology, emphasising the fact that pulmonary abnormalities are often the result of bronchial affection, like broncho-stenosis. He also advocates the use of bronchoscopy in the investigation of pulmonary affections. Journal article version of the … Continue reading “Bronchological Pneumonology”

Articulatory Defects in Aphasia

Dr Macdonald Critchley gave his Semon Lecture in 1951. Through his lecture, he outlines different defects arising from aphasia. He then goes on to demonstrate that dysarthria, dysphasia and articulatory dyspraxia, whilst possible occurring together, are separate phenomena. Journal article version of the lecture Macdonald Critchley was born on the 2nd of February 1900. Unusually … Continue reading “Articulatory Defects in Aphasia”