Year Lecturer Topic
2022 Professor Lucian Sulica “Vocal Fold Paralysis Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”
2021 Professor Kevin Joseph Harrington “Will Immunotherapy Put Head and Neck Surgeons Out of Business?”
2020 Professor Johan Fagan “Laryngectomy Practice Based on Personal Research”
2019 Mr John Watkinson “From Felix to the Helix, and from the Cradle to the Grave – Semon’s Contribution to Thyroid Surgery”
2018 Professor Anil D’Cruz “Attempts at Addressing the Head and Neck Conundrum in the Developing World”
2017 Professor Ralph Gilbert “Experience and Innovation in Head and Neck Surgery”
2016 Professor Janet Wilson “Semon’s Laryngological Legacy: Acumen, Research and Innovation”
2015 Professor Carl Snyderman “Paradigm Shifts in Skull Base Surgery and the Creative Process”
2014 Professor Susan Standring “The Devil is in the Detail”
2013 Professor Ashok Shaha “Conservation Surgery in Head and Neck Oncology”
2012 Professor Valerie Lund “Are We Guilty of Over-Treating the Nose?”
2011 Professor Laurent Lantieri ” A Giant Step in Facial Plastic Surgery – the Transplant.”
2010 Professor Gregory Weinstein “Robotics in Head and Neck Surgery – Added Value or Just Another Toy?”
2009 Professor Randall Morton “Quality of Life in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer”
2008 Professor Christopher O’Brien “Skin Cancer – Current Concepts and Personal Experience”
2007 Professor György Lichtenberger “The Evolution of Surgery for Vocal Cord Palsy”
2006 Professor Jatin Shah “Diverse Outcomes and Discretionary Decisions in Thyroid Cancer”
2005 Professor Paul Donald “Advances in the Management of Head and Neck Trauma”
2004 Professor Wolfgang Steiner “The Evidence for Change in the Management of Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer”
2003 Professor Lauren Holinger “The Changing Face of Paediatric Airway Intervention”
2002 Dr Margaret Spittle “Head and Neck Malignancy Skull-base to Clavicles, Who Needs Surgery?”
2001 Professor Jack Gluckman “Certification, Re-Certification and Maintenance of Certification in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery”
2000 Mr Tony Bull “Beauty, Form or Function?”
1999 Mr Anthony Cheesman “Problems and Prospects of Patients with Sinus Neoplasia”
1998 Mr David Soutar “Evolution of Functional Reconstruction in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery”
1997 Professor Ugo Fisch “Otologic Implications of Surgery of the Infratemporal Fossa”
1996 Mr Omar Shaheen “Thyroid Surgery for Tumours”
1995 Professor Alison Perry “The Physiological Basis of Alaryngeal Speech”
1994 Professor Wolfgang Draf “History and Practice of Endoscopic Nasal Surgery”
1993 Professor Sean Sellars “How to Train a Head and Neck Surgeon”
1992 Professor Robin Cotton “The Role of the Special Centre in Paediatric Laryngology”
1991 Professor Oskar Kleinsasser “Revision of Classification of Laryngeal Cancer: Is it Long Overdue?”
1990 Professor Arnold Maran “Head and Neck Surgery: An Encyclopaedia of Ignorance”
1989 Mr Stephen Richards “Thirty Years of Pituitary Surgery”
1988 Dr Glyn Lloyd “Diagnostic Imaging of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses”
1987 Professor Claus Walter “The Evolution of Reconstructive Surgery of the Nose”
1986 Professor Philip Stell “Head and Neck Cancer: Can We Do Any Better?”
1985 Professor Bruce Benjamin “The Role of the Paediatric Endoscopist”
1984 Mr Henry Shaw “Palliation in Head and Neck Cancer”
1983 Professor Börje Drettner “Why Does Research in Rhinology Matter?”
1982 Professor Gerald Westbury “Current Thoughts on the Management of Cancer of the Tongue”
1981 Professor John Kirchner “Laryngeal Physiology – a Century After Semon”
1980 Mr Robert Pracy “Recent Developments in Paediatric Otolaryngology”
1979 Professor Gordon Snow “Problems in Reconstruction after Surgery for Oral Carcinoma”
1978 Mr Peter Clifford “The Role of Cytotoxic Drugs in the Surgical Management of Head and Neck Malignancies”
1977 Professor Joseph Ogura “Orbital Decompression for Progressive Exopthalmos”
1976 Mr Ian McGregor “Problems of Reconstructive Surgery of the Oral Cavity”
1975 Professor Ettore Bocca “A Critical Analysis of the Techniques and Value of Neck Dissection”
1974 Professor Sir Donald Harrison “A Critical Analysis of the Value of Classification in Laryngeal Cancer”
1973 Professor Herman Diamant “The Investigation and Management of Non-Neoplastic Disease Affecting the Salivary Glands”
1972 Professor Ronald Belsey “Congenital Anomalies of the Oesophagus”
1971 Professor Douglas Bryce “The Surgical Management of Laryngo-tracheal Injuries”
1970 Professor Imrich Friedmann “The Changing Pattern of Granulomas of the Upper Respiratory Tract”
1969 Dr Max Som “Conservation Surgery for Cancer of the Larynx”
1968 Dr Manuel Lederman “Radiotherapy of Cancer of the Larynx”
1967 Mr David Patey “Diseases and Disorders of the Salivary Glands in Relation to General Physiology and Pathology”
1966 Dr John Conley “The Treatment of Melanoma in the Head and Neck”
1965 Mr John Angell-James “Laboratory and Clinical Studies of the Hypophysis”
1964 Mr Thomas Wilson “The Aetiology of Chronic Nasal Sinusitis in Children”
1963 Professor Sir Charles Stuart-Harris “Acute Respiratory Virus Infections of Childhood”
1962 Professor Carl-Axel Hamberger “Transantrosphenoidal Hypophysectomy”
1961 Mr Charles Wilson “Pharyngeal Diverticula, Their Cause and Treatment”
1960 Dr Paul Holinger “Clinical Aspects of Congenital Anomalies of the Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi and Oesophagus”
1959 Professor Victor Lambert “Malignant Disease of the Post Nasal Space”
1958 Professor Lucius Rüedi “Some Observations on the Histology and Functions of the Larynx”
1957 Mr Frederick Capps “Abductor Paralysis – Theory and Practice Since Semon”
1956 Professor Georges Portmann “The Physiology of Phonation”
1955 Lord Edgar Adrian “The Action of the Mammalian Olfactory Organ”
1954 Professor Eelco Huizinga “Bronchological Pneumonology”
1953 Professor Frank Ormerod “The Management of Cancer of the Larynx”
1952 Dr Arthur Proetz “Clinical Aspects of Respiratory Air Currents”
1951 Dr Macdonald Critchley “Articulatory Defects in Aphasia”
1950 Dr Paul Freckner “The Development and the Present Use of Bronchospirometry”
1949 Mr Andrew Wright “Tonsilar Function – A Review of the Evidence”
1948 Mr George Martin “Broncho-Oesophagology in Great Britain – The Decline of a Science: A Plea for Better Co-operation and Teaching”
1947 Mr Edward Davis “The Applied Anatomy and Physiology of the Pharynx and Oesophagus”
1939 Professor Felix Nager “The Paranasal Approach to Intrasellar Tumours”
1938 Mr William Mollison “Laryngology’s Debt to Research”
1937 Professor Ernst Schmiegelow “The Surgical Treatment of Chronic Cicatricial Stenosis of the Larynx”
1936 Mr Walter Howarth “Some Tumours and Ulcers of the Palate and Fauces”
1935 Sir St Clair Thompson “The Defences of the Air Passages”
1934 Mr Herbert Tilley “Inflammation of the Maxillary Antrum and Other Accessory Sinuses (Some Clinical Manifestations of its Pathology)”
1933 Professor Hendrik Burger “The So-Called Associated Paralyses of the Larynx (Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsy)”
1932 Professor Otto Kahler “The Tonsil Problem”
1931 Mr William Harmer “The Relative Value of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cancers in the Upper Air Passages”
1930 Mr Victor Negus “Some Observations on Semon’s Law”
1929 Dr Haris Mosher “The Lower End of the Oesophagus at Birth and in the Adult”
1928 Professor Markuss Hajek “Laryngo-Rhinology and General Medicine”
1927 Mr Lionel Colledge “The Present Position of Laryngoctomy for Cancer of the Larynx”
1926 Dr Adam Kelly “Nervous Affections of the Oesophagus”
1925 Dr Patrick Watson-Williams “The Toll of Chronic Nasal Focal Sepsis on Body and Mind”
1924 Dr Jean Guisez “Malignant Diseases of the Oesophagus”
1923 Dr Arthur Turner “The Advancement of Laryngology: A Plea for Adequate Training and a Closer Co-operative Action”
1922 Professor Herbert Birkett “The Development of the Trans-Atlantic Rhino-Laryngology”
1921 Dr Walter Jobson-Horne “The Relationship of the Larynx to Pulmonary Tuberculosis”
1914 Professor Gustav Killian “Suspension Laryngoscopy and its Practical Use”
1913 Dr Peter McBride “Sir Felix Semon, His Work and its Influence on Laryngology”