Tonsilar Function – A Review of the Evidence

Mr Andrew John Metford Wright delivered his Semon Lecture in 1949. In his lecture, he attempts to tie together functions of subepithelial lymphatic systems, and notes that as some lie in the intestinal tract, and thus under different specialism, the evidence lays scattered. He does, however, not that lymphatic organs are excessive and sometimes themselves the site of disease and thus concludes that one must be content to remove them if necessary.

Journal article version of the lecture

Andrew Wright was born on the 7th of November 1882 in Bristol, England. He spent a great many years lecturing medical students at the University of Bristol, where he himself had trained, and went on to be President of both the Laryngological and Otological Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine. He also took an active interest in hospital management and was chairman of the health committee of Bristol City Council and chairman of Cossham and Frenchay Hospital Management Committee.


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