Some Tumours and Ulcers of the Palate and Fauces

Mr Walter Goldie Howarth presented his Semon Lecture in 1936. His lecture reports on a number of cases of tumours and ulcers of the palate that he has observed. He then goes on to describe the technique of diathermy excision of malignant tumours that he has used in many of these cases. To finish his talk, he refers to a type of tumour called a pre-cancerous epitheliomatose that he wishes to cement as a true entity.

Journal article version of the lecture

Walter Howarth was born in Prestwich, England, in 1879. He was the first pure rhinolargyngologist to work at St Thomas’s Hospital when he was granted the position in 1911.During his time, he was also elected as President of the Laryngological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. In his retirement, he owned a farm on which he became a cattle farmer.


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