Inflammation of the Maxillary Antrum and Other Accessory Sinuses (Some Clinical Manifestations of its Pathology)

Mr Herbert Tilley delivered his Semon Lecture in 1934. His talk centred around looking at new pathology of infection into bones. It includes a review of the anatomy of the sinuses before exploring infection transmission modes and the clinical manifestations of diseases. He then goes on to make some suggestions for various treatments.

Journal article version of the lecture

Herbert Tilley was born in Somerset, England, on the 10th of December 1866. When the Semon Lecture was first set up by Felix Semon at the University of London, the University of London then placed Tilley in charge of appointing the lecturer along with the Semon Lecture Board each year and it was only with much persuasion that he gave his own Semon Lecture.


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