The So-Called Associated Paralyses of the Larynx (Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsy)

Professor Hendrik Burger presented his Semon lecture on the 2nd of November 1933 at the Lecture Hall of the Royal Society of Medicine. His lecture focuses on the various eponymous syndromes for paralysis of different cranial nerves and whether all of these syndromes are actually justified. In conclusion, he found that the associated paralysis of the vocal cords can be reduced to four syndromes indicated by the topographical location of the lesion and he supports this with an anatomical and clinical body of evidence.

Journal article version of the lecture

Hendrik Burger was born in 1864 in Amsterdam. He had a very successful career and upon retirement, had the largest clinic in Holland with 60 beds. He also took it upon himself to establish two schools in Amsterdam, one for deaf and mute children and the other for hard-of-hearing children.


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