The Evolution of Surgery for Vocal Cord Palsy

Professor György Lichtenberger presented his Semon Lecture on the 2nd of November 2007. His Lecture looked at bilateral vocal cord paralysis and explored the management options. Lichtenberger described the research he had done on managing laryngeal stenosis with an extra-endolaryngeal suture technique and how that provided two routes of treating vocal cord palsy without using a tracheotomy, which had been the common practice.


György Lichtenberger was born on the 3rd of November 1944 in Zamárdi, Hungary. As well as his clinical work, he invested a lot of time in research and developed a number of surgical procedures, such as the endo-extra laryngeal lateralisation method. He was awarded the Honthy Hana Prize in recognition of six procedures that he developed. He also invented a number of equipment pieces and published nearly 100 papers. Lichtenberger was also the first Hungarian to deliver the Semon Lecture.


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