Thyroid Surgery for Tumours

Mr Omar Shaheen presented his Semon Lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine in November 1996. He outlines the identification and surgical treatment for various thyroid tumours, and acknowledges that a sound knowledge of anatomy, meticulous attention to detail, and a willingness to conserve is important. He recognises the difficulty in locating the parathyroid glands, and urges that they should be autotransplanted. Shaheen concludes with the idea that, in future, clinical behaviour should be based on oncogenes.

Journal article version of the lecture

Omar Shaheen was born on the 24th of September 1931 in Cairo, Egypt. He had an impressive career and was renowned internationally for his abilities as a head and neck surgeon. He completed his medical training in England and wrote a multitude of papers and book chapters and presented lectures internationally, including the Arris Gale Lectureship. Shaheen was also the recipient of a number of prizes, such as the Walter Jobson-Horne Prize and the W J Harrison Prize.


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