Diseases and Disorders of the Salivary Glands in Relation to General Physiology and Pathology

Mr David Howard Patey presented his Semon Lecture on the 2nd of November 1967 at the Royal Society of Medicine. In this, he remarks that the solving of technical problems of parotid surgery coincided with better definition and understanding of the pathology and increased awareness of physiological background. Patey discusses classification and treatment of salivary tumors, and notes the pathological phenomena of implantation recurrence and late recurrence seen in such tumors.

Journal article version of the lecture

David Patey was born in Monmouth, England, in 1899. During his career he won a number of prizes, including the Jacksonian prize from the Royal College of Surgeons. This interest in clinical research culminated in his founding of the Surgical Research Society and later becoming its President.


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