The Paranasal Approach to Intrasellar Tumours

Professor Felix Robert Nager delivered his Semon Lecture in 1939. Nager used this opportunity to present his argument in favour of extracranial treatment of pituitary tumours and shows that the transsphenoidal approach can be especially useful for large intrasellar tumours and special forms of visual troubles, such as central scotoma and homonymous hemianopia.

Journal article version of the lecture

Felix Nager was born in Switzerland in 1877. Nager shared some of the feelings that Felix Semon embraced in making sure that otolaryngology as a specialty got the standing amongst the medical specialties that it deserved. He was internationally renowned for his work and as such received appointments in countries all over the world, such as honorary fellowships to the American Laryngological Association and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.


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