The Advancement of Laryngology: A Plea for Adequate Training and a Closer Co-operative Action

Dr Arthur Logan Turner gave his lecture at the Hall of the Royal Society of Medicine on the 1st of November 1923. His lecture looks at how laryngology has been taught in the past, from the days where the head of laryngology in hospitals either didn’t exist or was filled by a doctor of a different specialty, and also explores how it should ideally be taught in the future. To do this, the lecture looks both at how medical students should ideally be taught to how the consultants themselves should improve their own education to help teaching.

Journal article version of the lecture

Turner was born in 1865 in Edinburgh and went on to become an internationally renowned surgeon. He played a prominent role in a number of Societies, including his time as President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and President of the Laryngology and Otology Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine.


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