Nervous Affections of the Oesophagus

Dr Adam Brown Kelly gave his lecture on the 2nd of December 1926 in the Hall of the Royal Society of Medicine. His lecture follows up on some of the work Semon did during his lifetime on the innervation of the larynx, including topics such as diagnosis and treatment of spasms, as well as other nerve-based conditions. There is also some documentation about the instrumentation used.

Journal article version of the lecture

Adam Brown Kelly was born in 1866 in Glasgow. During his professional career, he was President of the Laryngology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and also President of the Laryngological and Otological Section of the British Medical Association, among other achievements. Kelly and his colleague Donald Paterson were also the first to describe Plummer-Vinson Syndrome, a syndrome characterised by chronic dysphagia.


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