Lauren Holinger – Biography

Written by Professor Lauren Holinger

Eldest of four sons, Lauren Holinger was born on August 9, 1942. He is a third generation otolaryngologist, his grandfather Jacques, an officer in the Swiss cavalry, having completed his medical education in Switzerland before emigrating to the United States. Dr. Holinger was elected Alpha Omega Alpha and graduated from The Chicago Medical School in 1971. His Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery training was at the University of Colorado in Denver, after which he completed a fellowship with his father Paul and associate Joyce A. Schild, MD. He was a tenured full professor in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at Northwestern University. Professor Holinger served two years as president of the medical staff at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

His memberships and professional associations included the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Laryngological Association, the Triological Society, the American College of Surgeons, the American Broncho-Esophagological Association, and the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology. He received the Chevalier Jackson award of the American Broncho-Esophagological Association, the American Laryngological Association Gabriel F. Tucker and James E. Newcomb awards, and the Australian Society of Paediatric Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Bruce Benjamin Medal for Paediatric Otolaryngology. In 2003, he traveled to London to receive the Sir Felix Semon medal, an honor of which he was most proud and which had been awarded to his father in 1960.

Dr. Holinger was invited visiting professor at universities in the United States and throughout the world: Erlangen, Germany, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Santiago, Chile, Pretoria, South Africa, Lyon, France, Singapore, London, Sydney, Taipei, Kyoto, Toronto, and Montreal. He served as president of the American Laryngological Association, the American Bronco-Esophagological Association, the Chicago Laryngological and Otological Society, and the Chicago Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.